I travel often for my work, and I always make as many opportunities as possible to meet with my friends. They are scattered all over the world, so I get to visit exotic places while we catch up on our lives. I happened to be visiting Florida last month, and I made arrangements to spend a few extra days catching up with an old school buddy.

He told me before I arrived that another friend of his would be visiting, and I was looking forward to meeting her. He said they had met at a former job he had, and she would be in the area for a few days on vacation. We discussed some of the restaurants where we wanted to eat, but he did let me know he still had to work while I was there. It turned out his friend was taking looking forward to touring the area, so the two of us decided to see the local sights together.

I never thought I’d meet a new friend this way, and I believe I’ve found the woman of my dreams. She’s adventurous, intelligent and beautiful. We had a great time, and it was as relaxing as it was exciting. She lives in a different city than I do, but I’m now thinking about finding new employment and making a move.

We’ve talked on the phone every night since we parted, and I can’t wait for work to be over so we can talk. I haven’t told her yet how I feel, but tonight might just be the night we have a serious discussion. I hope she feels the same attraction I do, and maybe we can explore the possibility of a permanent relationship. I don’t want to scare her off, and my friend did tell me she had mentioned how excited she was to talk to me every night. I have high hopes she will become more than just a friend.